CoIn­vest offers its spe­cial­ized ser­vice range with­in the frame­work of con­sul­tan­cy man­dates. With­in indi­vid­ual mod­ules, we exam­ine indi­vid­ual aspects of an over­all project and devel­op cus­tomized options — with and for our clients. In the course of this, we offer con­sul­tan­cy ser­vices in any­thing from merg­ers & acqui­si­tions, com­pa­ny sales, finance struc­tur­ing and invest­ment con­cepts right through to deter­min­ing the plau­si­bil­i­ty of busi­ness mod­els. Along­side our oper­a­tional focus areas, we have spe­cial exper­tise when it comes to the inter­face between intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty and capital/financing.

Our range of con­sul­tan­cy ser­vices is tar­get­ed towards both cor­po­rate clients as well as com­pa­nies and indi­vid­u­als look­ing for an inte­grat­ed approach to solv­ing their tasks. In addi­tion to the actu­al finance struc­tures, con­sul­tan­cy includes clas­sic man­age­ment con­sul­tan­cy — albeit slight­ly lim­it­ed. This ranges from con­cept cre­ation to implementation.

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