Cor­po­rate financ­ing is becom­ing ever more com­plex and spe­cial­ized, but more pro­fes­sion­al, too. Not only does CoIn­vest Finanz Con­sult­ing GmbH have long-stand­ing access to financiers, it also has its own struc­tures that allow it to engage in financ­ing. Spe­cial exper­tise here is con­cen­trat­ed in struc­tured financ­ing, for­fait­ing solu­tions, project financ­ing and equi­ty-based financ­ing in project enter­pris­es. The empha­sis in all this is on sus­tain­able fund­ing secu­ri­ty and struc­tur­ing cor­po­rate financ­ing on the bal­ance sheet so that it fits in with the require­ments of the respec­tive com­pa­ny, e.g. as equi­ty-based or bor­rowed capital.

Concept creation

Only through the right con­cept, i.e. a com­bi­na­tion of the right vehi­cle, the appro­pri­ate legal and fis­cal form of financ­ing and the right part­ner is it pos­si­ble to achieve financ­ing that is suit­able in the long-term for a com­pa­ny. A long­stand­ing net­work, our own exper­tise, in-house financ­ing options and expe­ri­enced in-house spe­cial­ists offer sig­nif­i­cant added val­ue for fund­ed companies.


The fund­ing or financ­ing vehi­cle is set out in a prospec­tus, i.e. they are described using a prospec­tus. That applies both to pub­licly offered invest­ments as well as high­er val­ue pri­vate place­ments. Legal pro­vi­sions and investors’ need for trans­paren­cy form the basis of this. Expe­ri­ence with insti­tu­tion­al investor club deals has shown that gen­er­at­ing a prospec­tus offers the advan­tage of con­vinc­ing investors and can form a sol­id basis for invest­ment decisions.


In a prospec­tus financ­ing or the financ­ing vehi­cle is prospect­ed, ie described by means of a prospec­tus. This applies to pub­licly offered invest­ments as well as for high-qual­i­ty pri­vate place­ments. The basis for this legal pro­vi­sions as well as the need of the investors for trans­paren­cy. The expe­ri­ence in club deals by insti­tu­tion­al investors shows that the ben­e­fits of prospect­ing con­vinc­ing and may be a valid basis for invest­ment decisions.


In recent years, CoIn­vest Finanz Con­sult­ing GmbH has shift­ed a vol­ume in the region of sev­er­al 100 mil­lion euros for clients using inno­v­a­tive struc­tures. For us, inno­va­tion means gen­er­at­ing added val­ue for our clients by means of offer­ing tai­lored indi­vid­ual struc­tures with­out unnec­es­sar­i­ly increas­ing the com­plex­i­ty in the process. The basic prin­ci­pal here is to be as effi­cient as pos­si­ble and as com­plex as necessary.

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