CoIn­vest sup­plies sys­tems for the cre­ation of invest­ment con­cepts. We are at your dis­pos­al as con­sul­tants or invest­ment con­cept archi­tects, as required, and will be by your side right up until final prospec­tus com­ple­tion includ­ing sub­mis­sion to the Fed­er­al Finan­cial Super­vi­so­ry Author­i­ty (BaFin) or the approval of indi­vid­ual mod­ules. Being a sys­tems sup­pli­er in this sec­tor means that you, as our cus­tomer and part­ner, can get every­thing from one source, from the struc­ture and legal and eco­nom­ic con­cep­tion right through to the final prospec­tus com­ple­tion. For this we have a long­stand­ing net­work of spe­cial­ized part­ners from the sec­tors of legal con­sul­tan­cy and fis­cal and eco­nom­ic auditing.

Focal points in the cre­ation of invest­ment con­cepts include the fields of cor­po­rate financing/investment offer­ings to com­pa­nies, port­fo­lio invest­ments in ded­i­cat­ed asset class­es as well as con­cepts from the real estate sector.

Our con­cept cre­ation work includes the fol­low­ing prod­uct classes:

• Pri­vate place­ment
• Club deals
• Indi­vid­ual invest­ments
• Struc­tured invest­ment vehi­cles (SIV)

• Closed funds
• Funds of funds
• Spe­cial funds
• Spe­cial assets

• Prof­it shar­ing struc­tures
• Bonds (secured/unsecured)
• Bonds (subordinated/regular)
• Cer­tifi­cates & options
• Bear­er bonds

• Struc­tured finance
• Struc­ture equi­ty finance
• Purchase/sale of receiv­ables
• For­fait­ing of con­tin­u­ing oblig­a­tions
SPV financing

Concept creation

When it comes to cre­at­ing a fund con­cept the eco­nom­ic analy­sis of a fund is at the cen­ter of con­sid­er­a­tions for poten­tial investors. Com­pe­ten­cy in ana­lyz­ing the mar­ketabil­i­ty of para­me­ters and the plau­si­bil­i­ty of assump­tions form the basis for pro­duc­ing a trans­par­ent con­cept with cor­re­spond­ing fore­cast­ing. Here asset class­es range from real estate to alter­na­tive invest­ments, in which we have exten­sive expe­ri­ence. We have devel­oped count­less struc­tures in the field of ‘alter­na­tive’ invest­ments, specif­i­cal­ly with brands and patents as well as oth­er imma­te­r­i­al assets.


Struc­tur­ing an invest­ment begins with set­ting clear objec­tives for the investor. The choice of a suit­able legal form, loca­tion and type of e.g. an issuance vehi­cle or form of financ­ing – e.g. in a bond – plays a sig­nif­i­cant role here. The struc­ture can be crit­i­cal to the suc­cess of both the investor and the investee. Good struc­tur­ing takes account of the inter­ests of both par­ties, be it ensur­ing the suc­cess of an issuance, or open­ing up room for maneu­ver for a company.

Prospectus drafting

Draft­ing the prospec­tus means com­plet­ing the con­cept prepa­ra­tions, i.e. draft­ing the invest­ment prospec­tus for the respec­tive invest­ment oppor­tu­ni­ty. This ranges from pri­vate place­ment, an insti­tu­tion­al trade or a pub­lic offer­ing right through to pub­lic list­ing. The respec­tive dif­fer­ent prospec­tus require­ments are giv­en here. In line with CoIn­vest’s qual­i­ty stan­dards, in addi­tion to actu­al­ly cre­at­ing the prospec­tus, draft­ing the prospec­tus includes reg­u­lar­ly coor­di­nat­ing legal, fis­cal and IDW (Ger­man Insti­tute of Audi­tors) opin­ions with the respec­tive partners.


When it comes to invest­ments, inno­va­tion extends beyond the invest­ment object. Often the right legal form, the right choice of tar­get group and the right method of approach­ing the tar­get group, enabling a suc­cess­ful pool­ing togeth­er of investors and invest­ments, are all it takes. Long­stand­ing expe­ri­ence, exper­tise from spe­cial­iza­tions and the use and imple­men­ta­tion of new ideas have made CoIn­vest’s cur­rent mar­ket posi­tion in this sec­tor possible.

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