Special Issues

CoIn­vest devel­ops con­cepts in the fol­low­ing fields for asset optimization

  • Com­pa­ny sales/succession
  • Asset trans­fer
  • Reserves rein­vest­ment in line with Sec­tion 6b of the Ger­man Income Tax Act (EStG)
  • Com­pa­ny pen­sion schemes

The range of ser­vices in this con­cept area is tar­get­ed pri­mar­i­ly at entre­pre­neurs and insti­tu­tion­al clients. In this seg­ment the focus is on the respec­tive struc­tures that form the basis for intel­li­gent solu­tion approach­es when it comes to the cor­re­spond­ing tasks.

In the field of con­sul­tan­cy we assist both com­pa­nies and pri­vate investors. The focus here is on solu­tions from the fields of com­pa­ny pen­sions, asset trans­fers and the opti­miza­tion of com­pa­ny sales and finance structuring.

Company sales

• Com­pa­ny sales
• Com­pa­ny succession

Just like suc­ces­sion plan­ning, a com­pa­ny sale com­pris­es much more than a num­ber of legal and fis­cal issues, it also includes sig­nif­i­cant strate­gic aspects. CoIn­vest clients in this area are either entre­pre­neurs who want to opti­mize a sale, or buy­ers who want to opti­mize a com­pa­ny sale. … more

Asset transfer

• Asset struc­tur­ing
• Gift con­cepts
• Antic­i­pat­ed inheritance

Gift and inher­i­tance tax is a cap­i­tal-based tax that leads to unwant­ed cur­tail­ment of the asset being trans­ferred. If you want to take suit­able action to ensure the preser­va­tion of assets, a con­cept must be worked out and imple­ment­ed dur­ing the asset hold­er’s life­time. Once suc­ces­sion has tak­en place, there is very lit­tle that can be done to influ­ence this. The con­se­quences of an unfa­vor­able asset struc­ture can result in any­thing from the dam­age of the asset right through to its destruc­tion in extreme cas­es. … more

§ 6b Reinvestment

• Sale of real estate busi­ness assets
• Com­pa­ny sales
• Sec­tion 6b of the Ger­man Income Tax Act (EStG) in agriculture

Sell­ing real estate assets (with­in busi­ness assets) typ­i­cal­ly leads to the dis­clo­sure of hid­den reserves and thus, inevitably, to a tax bur­den on the com­pa­ny. CoIn­vest’s con­cept enables a prof­itable rein­vest­ment of Sec­tion 6b reserves with min­i­mal cap­i­tal expen­di­ture. Ide­al­ly the invest­ment costs should be con­sid­er­ably low­er than the impend­ing tax bur­den. … more

Pension Sheme

• Pen­sion com­mit­ment
• Rein­sur­ance con­cepts
• Deferred com­pen­sa­tion
• Prov­i­dent fund
• Pen­sion fund

A pen­sion com­mit­ment is an inter­est­ing means of set­ting up a pen­sion plan with the asso­ci­at­ed staff reten­tion and pos­i­tive tax effects and ben­e­fit­ing from these. This can apply to one or more ben­e­fi­cia­ries and con­sti­tutes an impor­tant pil­lar of mod­ern pen­sion sys­tems. … more

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