Asset transfer

Intel­li­gent trans­fer con­cepts start with select­ing the right asset struc­ture while tak­ing advan­tage of val­u­a­tion hair­cuts and spe­cif­ic tax allowances. This applies to gift and inher­i­tance concepts.

The use of recur­ring allowances or the restrict­ed gift instru­ment can for exam­ple cre­ate room for maneu­ver for the tax-opti­mized trans­fer of assets, although only in the clien­t’s life­time and to a lim­it­ed extent.

Objec­tive and emo­tion­al rea­sons are often asso­ci­at­ed with a trans­fer of the major­i­ty of assets dur­ing the clien­t’s life­time (antic­i­pat­ed suc­ces­sion). Thus, asset mon­i­tor­ing, the capac­i­ty to act and free dis­pos­al in rela­tion to the asset are of key significance.

CoIn­vest solu­tions, which are cre­at­ed in col­lab­o­ra­tion with renowned attor­neys, tax con­sul­tants, audi­tors and notaries, have the abil­i­ty to real­ize and per­ma­nent­ly assure these demands in a tax-opti­mized asset trans­fer con­cept. Even very large assets can be trans­ferred ful­ly tax-free (in ide­al sce­nar­ios) with­in this concept.